Making a purchase is getting harder and harder. For every real, genuine review that you find, you'll find a hundred fake reviews. Affiliates pushing products without ever using the product themselves, companies posting fake reviews to sell more products, blogs posting biased reviews in exchange for money or just access, so that the manufacturer will keep sending them their new products to review. There is even an entire industry out there based around fake reviews.And as a casual shopper, it's getting impossible to filter out the fakes. How many of us bought products with glowing reviews that turned out to be complete garbage? Well, that stops now.

Since we focus on this stuff full time, we can spot a fake biased review a mile away. Which is why the only reviews you'll find gathered on our site, are from genuine customers, people like you, who've actually spent their hard earned money to buy the product. We'll give you a summary of what they all had to say, both the good and the bad, and to keep us honest, we'll even give you links to their actual reviews, just so you can verify what we have to say.