Radar Detectors Review
Product Comparisons

When it comes to radar detectors, there are 3 kinds to pick from. The super cheap ones, that don't even work. In fact they work against you because they give you a false sense of security. Then there is the mid-range that tends to work well. And then there is the high end that you can actively rely on and speed to your heart's content.

Well we've compared everything that's available right now, and here are our top picks.

If you are on a budget, we recommend the Cobra XRS9670. Unlike the cheap Cobra stuff, this thing actually works. What's more, it has a false signal rejection system, so you won't ignore the warnings thinking it's yet another garage door opener giving a fake positive.

If you can spend a bit more(and you should), we recommend upgrading to the Escort Passport 8500X50. This is an Escort. If you know radar detectors, you know it's the one to get. It has a much higher range, great sensitivity, and the price makes this an affordable(if it saves you from even one ticket, it'll essentially pay for itself).

And if you want to go all out and money is no object, we recommend the Escort Passport Max...this is the top of the line model. The most modern, most innovative, the cutting edge of radar detection. It even comes with a database of every speed camera and red light camera in the nation...and you can even stay up to date by doing weekly updates.


If you speed a radar detector is a must have. A single ticket will cost you more in fines and insurance hikes than the cost of even the top models.

The Good
All of these models will help you detect radar...the difference in price comes down to how much warning you'll have and what percentage of detections will actually be real.
The Bad
Radar detectors rely on line of sight for detection. If you are on a straight road you are in their element...if the road has curves, or hills, even the best radar detector won't save you. Which is why it's important to slow down when going over a hill or when you are travelling around corners.