Laptops Review
Product Comparisons

Finding a good laptop can be a real challenge. There are just so many different options out there. You have different size, different ram, different graphic card, different processors...you literally have thousands of different configurations to pick from.

So what we've done is create this review to help you narrow things down, just a little bit.

If you just need to check your email and do pretty much everything sans gaming, Toshiba Satellite C55 series is a perfect choice. It's powerful, has a big harddrive, and all the ports you'll ever need on the go.

If you want something a bit more powerful, whether you are looking for gaming on the go or you just need a powerful laptop to run some of the more resource intensive software, then look no further than Dell XPS Ultrabook. With 8 gigs of RAM, a solid state drive, and a 1 gig video card, you'll be able to handle anything work throws at you.

If money is no object, and you are willing to pay a bit more for the top of the line experience, then look no further than a top of the line Macbook Pro


When it comes to laptops, it's hard to set value. You can pay a bit less, and get a much worse machine that will have you tearing out your hair when it freezes due to lack of resources...or you can pay a few bucks more and get something that you'll actually enjoy using.

The Good
All of these laptops have enough resources to handle daily life. The harddrives are huge, so you'll never have to spend days trying to figure out how to free up space. The processors are fast, so freezing will be kept to the minimum.
The Bad
Unfortunately all windows laptops these days come with Windows 8....which isn't the most popular operating system.