eBook Readers Review
Product Comparisons

The eReader market is very mature. There are the big dogs, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook which hold 99% of the market...and then there are smaller players like Kobo which we only mention just to give you a choice.

The reason for this is because the eReader market follows the Printer/Ink model. The eReader is dirt cheap and they make their money from selling books. This means that there really isn't a reason to buy the "cheap" version, when the flagship costs only a few bucks more.

Based on the reviews, we recommend the Amazon Kindle because it's the clear winner in this field.

The prices between the big players is very similar. The cheaper second tier options will save you a few bucks, but based on the reviews it's not worth the cost, since they are much more prone to problems. Based on the reviews we recommend sticking to the big offerings from the big players instead of trying your luck with the smaller players. If your budget is under $75, get a basic Kindle with special offers. If you can spend a bit more, get the Kindle Paperwhite.
The Good
Kindle Paperwhite wins in most categories. It has the better display, there is an option to get a 3G option, it has the better usability thanks to the better software, it's slightly faster during regular use, it even has wikipedia integration. What's more, Amazon went to great lengths to make it easier to use the kindle for borrowing ebooks from the libraries so you'll be able to save a few bucks this way.
The Bad
Kindle loses out to the competition when it comes to DRM. It uses a proprietary format, so if you purchased your books from other sources you'll need to use special conversion software to use the book on your Kindle. It can be a hassle, but overall we feel like your average user won't ever have to deal with this.