Pull Up Bars Review
Product Comparisons

Pull up bars are a wonderful workout tool. They are compact, and all you need is a doorway to make them work. And you can use the bar to do all kinds of excersizes. Do pull ups to work on your chest, back and arms. Or do pull ups to work on your core.

So if you can't get to the gym, this is really a must have product.

The best choice here, is the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar...it's well built, well padded, and goes on in seconds. If you want to avoid calluses from working out too much, make sure to also buy Fit Four Workout Gloves. This will give you that extra bit of padding to make help protect your skin.


This is a huge bang for the buck. You can stay fit by simply doing pull ups, leg ups and situps. All for around $30 bucks.

The Good
This will get you in great shape, if you stick with it. Start out with 2 pulls ups, and slowly increase it as you get more fit. By the time you reach 10 consecutive pulls ups, you'll be in great shape.
The Bad
The padding material tends to get dirty.