Diet Pills Review
Product Comparisons

Most diet pills are not worth the risks, the vast majority of them are nothing more than sugar pills.

The best diet pills on the market only block about 30% of dietery fat. This means that the best diet pill on the market isn't a cure, but more of a way to turbocharge your diet. That said, even combined with diet and excersize, you are only looking at about 5% weight loss. So if you weigh 200 pounds, that means you might lose 10 pounds.190 vs 200 is a good start, but if you decide to stop it's really not that much.

You have to decide if that's worth the risk, but if you decide that yes it is. You have two options, one is Xenical which is the full prescription based option and one is Alli, which is the over the counter version.

As with all medicine, you'll pay through the nose for these kinds of pills. Most of them use the subscription model, so they get you hooked(in many cases literally, since these tend to be very addictive), and then they can rely on you buying mor every time you run out. .
The Good
These can usually help you lose a few extra pounds, compared to just going it alone.
The Bad
These can be addictive, there are health risks, and the pills that actually do work, tend to plateu after 6 months.