Teeth Whitening Products Review
Product Comparisons

If you want to get whiter teeth you need to find a good teeth whitening product that works for you. Unfortunately this market is saturated with snake oil salesmen. How many times have you see an ad for a teeth whitening product...discovered by a stay at home mom(like all the great inventions of our time).

When it comes to teeth there are basically a few things you can do to whiten them.

Obviously you can brush....but that can take a while...so luckily our society has created a few things to speed things up.

First things first, you have your local dentist. For about $200, they'll polish your pearly whites to perfection.

Then you have the strips, you apply them twice a day, keep them in for a few minutes, then peel them off taking the yellow with them. These will run you about $35-40 for the decent ones.

Finally there is the gel, which basically does the same thing, but since it's not pre-applied to a strip, it can do a better job since there is more of it. The price is about $25.

There is also whitening tooth paste, mouthwash and other things like that, but the results are lackluster at best.


As usual it comes down to what you are willing to pay.

The dentist is obviously the best option. It's the fastest(you get results right away instead of waiting for weeks), it doesn't take as much time(15 minutes at a dentist, vs 10-15 minutes every day for weeks)...unfortunately the cost can be prohibitevely expensive to a lot of people.

Which is why home based solutions were released. First came the strips and now the gel is all the rage. The gel is actually the better option now. It works much better, and actually costs less money overall.

The Good
The gel lets you reach the hard to reach places, and it gets rid of a lot more with each use.
The Bad
The syringes can be a little bulky and you need to purchase separate trays just to use them.