eFax Service Providers Review
Product Comparisons

Being able to send a fax has always been important. Any time you need to send a document, you are told to fax it instead of emailing it. Unfortunately sending/receiving a fax is a problem for a lot of people. It's not the cost, since fax machines are dirt cheap...it's the convinience...or better yet inconvinience.

A lot of people have cut the cord. Why keep a home phone line, when you do all your communicating with your cell phone? And if you don't have a phone line, you can't send or receive faxes. This is where online fax services come in. They let you send and receive faxes online without ever needing to use a fax machine.

Now there are a lot of companies offering this kind of service, but the best one based on the reviews is Rapidfax(everyone else, eFax, RingCentral have dismal reviews). They have the best service(it's kinda important that your faxes actually get to the destination), they have one of the best interfaces, and it's actually very affordable.


This service will usually run you about $10 a month...or the cost of getting a coffee at starbucks. Most of the cost goes towards paying for your own number.

The Good
You can send/receive faxes from anywhere...what's more all the faxes are stored so you can always find an old fax. You also get your own number, and you get to pick the area code.
The Bad
If you need to send something that's signed, you'll need to get a scanner...or settle for taking photos with your phone.