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Getting webhosting can get pretty complicated. This category is flooded with affiliates trying to promote companies just to get their commission. This is due to the fact that the payoffs are so huge in this category. An affiliate can get $100 per signup, so the financial incentive is huge.

Which is why the most popular companies seems to be iPage, JustHost, BlueHost etc. This is wrong. The only reason these companies are rated so highly is because they offer the highest commission and make it seem like they are the cheapest service $1.99 per month? You'd be a fool not to try. But in reality to get the $1.99 rate you need to pay for 3 years of service, which locks you into using them, and by the end of 3 years, you'll completely forget your sign up date and will get charged again. These companies also tend to oversell their services, so if you are actually going to be a heavy user, you'll get warned fairly quickly.

What's more, those 3 companies are actually owned by the same company.

So what do you do if you need hosting.

There are 3 options.

For shared hosting, we recommend a A Small Orange, they are a phenomenal company, and are rated as one of the best companies for this. They never oversell, so the servers will actually be up for the job.

If you are looking for VPS, then look no further than Linode, they have some of the fastest servers around, and best of all you can scale things up and down as your needs change.

For dedicated servers we recommend Liquid Web, they have some of the best customer service you'll find, use the best hardware, and some of the most amazing uptimes you'll find.


Most sites will tell you to get the biggest baddest server you can find. But you don't actually need it. Shared hosting is fine for the vast majority of companies. If you think you'll have a very popular site, you can upgrade to the VPS, which can be scaled to handle even the largest websites. Pretty much the only reason to go for Dedicated Servers, is if you run out of scaling options with VPS.

This way you can get the most value without spending too much.

The Good
All of these companies offer a reliable service with a great control panel that makes it a breeze to manage your server.
The Bad
All of that comes at a price. For example, while you might pay $2/mo for shared hosting that doesn't work, you'll need to pay almost $3/mo for reliable shared hosting. $1 is a lot of money, but we like to think it's worth the 50% premium.