How to choose the best air purifier

Nowadays one of the best purchases you can make is to invest in an air purifier. An air purifier is ideal both for single people, and especially for large families, as modern technology embedded in such a device can give you several advantages.

However, in case you don’t have technical knowledge, choosing the best air purifier can be a real challenge, as the price is not an essential criterion for such a device. The choice of the best air purifier is based on a range of factors, and knowing them and determining your needs and expectations from this device can help you make a good choice and, consequently, choose the right air purifier.

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Why buy an air purifier

Lung problems are becoming more and more common worldwide. Thus, at least two out of three people face various diseases that belong to this pathology, some of which having occurred due to unsatisfactory conditions of the environment in which people live. Unsatisfactory aspects and lung diseases are caused by the continuous increase of pollutant emissions in the area where we live most of our lives.

The increase of the concentrations of pollutants and the unfavorable environmental conditions expressed by temperature and humidity indicators can lead to the emergence of some bacterial environments, to the creation of some cultures of germs and pathogens that are to be inhaled in the organism.

Also, non-compliant temperature and humidity can turn into a propagation vector, which can favor the increase of harmful living conditions with a negative impact on the body. With a suitable air purifier you can prevent all these issues and the purchase of such a device is even more recommended for people with a weakened immune system or for people who want to invest in their future and health.

air purifier benefits

How to choose the best air purifier

As we mentioned before, the price is not the only criterion to be considered. Essentially, special attention needs to be given to the analysis of the location and the area / areas for which you are considering the purchase of the purifier. At the same time, you must take into account the destination of the area.

For example, if we are talking about an office area or the area where you carry out your professional activity, or the sleeping area, you may be bothered by a purifier that makes its presence felt through a high intensity of noise. Some air purifiers also come with a range of additional benefits, such as the dehumidification function, which can give you increased performance and safety. Of course, the list of important aspects when choosing a purifier includes the energy consumption which can be noticed more or less on the electricity bill, as well as the guarantee of the product.

Starting from the aspects mentioned above and not only, we will present you the way to choose a suitable air purifier, in relation to its functionalities and characteristics. The choice of the purifier in relation to the characteristics of the location or the room plays the most important role, which will also have an impact on the efficiency of the appliance.

Regarding the air purification capacity, it is recommended to opt for an air purifier with a higher capacity than the capacity of the site, as this will increase its efficiency in an environment with a higher level of pollution.

Level of noise

Another indicator when choosing an air purifier is the noise, which can influence the overall comfort. A more silent device does not necessarily mean a more efficient and performing device, but it will offer greater comfort when you need complete peace of mind. Thus, in addition to the purification capacity and the size of the device, you should not miss the intensity of the sound emitted by the device in use.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption is another important criterion. Usually, the higher the purifier motor, the higher the energy consumption. Most purifiers are designed to have insignificant consumption, some based on an environmentally friendly manufacturing technology that allows sustainable purification, with low energy consumption.

Filtering technology

Filtering technology also plays a special role. There are classic purifiers which also have a lower price, with a lower efficiency and lifespan or lower performance, as well as lasting state-of-the-art purifiers.

air purifier filter

Air purifier with HEPA filter

Air purifiers with this technology are the most common and this is due to their efficiency. The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter retains approximately 99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 microns and is composed of glass fibers with a diameter between 0.5 and 2 microns.

They can also come with an integrated dedicated irradiation system, which allows the disinfection of the site, without requiring additional energy consumption. These purifiers are among the most recommended, being a sustainable, multifunctional and advantageous choice in terms of performance and energy consumption.

Air purifier with ionization

There are also purifiers with ions with a principle similar to that of purifiers with HEPA filters. Under the influence of electricity, oxygen or nitrogen molecules, charged with electric charge, attach to the suspended particles and thus attract them to the filter, removing them from the atmosphere.

Air purifier with humidification

Air purifiers with integrated humidifier compress the technology of two devices with different actions in one. This technology subjects the filtered air to a curtain of water which retains particles and impurities. Modern and high-performing purifiers have a basic operating panel and even offer the possibility to schedule the operating time of the device.

The latest generation purifiers have sensors that determine when the device turns off and on, by quantitative determinations of pollutants in a volume of air analyzed, to be compared with a standard (a series of values integrated into the system) that helps determine the moments of action, so the owners don’t need to worry.

What safety does the air purifier offer you

Unlike other methods to purify or maintain optimal air quality, the air purifier is one of the safest and most economical solutions, even if at first you could be overwhelmed by the price of a high-performing purifier. The best air purifier will significantly reduce the consumption of material and financial resources, because we are talking about a substantial reduction in general cleaning processes and their frequency, in renovation processes and in the number of failed attempts to test other inefficient methods of air purification or fight pollution factors (formation of mold, moisture, reduction of unpleasant odors, etc.).

Among the necessary certifications for a 100% safe air purifier we can enumerate: the certification against allergies, the certification on the attestation of the product in the trade of electronic products, as well as the ecological certification regarding a low and sustainable energy consumption.


The best air purifiers

As we aim to recommend quality products, we have analyzed the current offers from several online stores, the reviews and experience of buyers, based on the tips presented on this page and taking into account a good quality-price ratio. Based on these criteria, here are our recommendations:

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