How to choose the Best Wall Ovens

Wall ovens are a perfect choice for small kitchens. The wall ovens need less space to install. You can install them on any wall, any height of your kitchen. Wall ovens are the best choice for traditional kitchen ranges. The kitchen ranges take more space in your kitchen and also expensive. If you want to give your kitchen a modern look in your budget, then wall ovens are the best choices for you. Wall ovens are convenient as well.

The wall ovens are the best kitchen appliances for modern kitchens. But there is no shortage of competition between premium brands. In this competition era, it becomes difficult to choose the best products. Luckily, we are here to make your purchase easier. In this post, we will provide you a buying guide for the best wall ovens. It will give you detailed information about wall ovens and help you to choose the best based on your requirements.

Best Wall Ovens


Electric Single Wall Oven

Stainless Steel 24 Inch, XB14, Black

Empava Electric Single Wall Oven


Single Wall Oven

6 Cooking Functions



Electric Combination Wall Oven

30 Setting Options

Electric Combination Wall Oven

Types of wall ovens

There are two different styles of wall ovens single wall oven and double wall ovens.

  • Single wall oven

The single wall oven comes with one cooking zone. You can install single wall ovens under a cooktop. Its cooking capacity is less than the double wall ovens. But a single wall oven is a budget-friendly option. Its price is affordable.

  • Double wall oven

The double wall ovens are more convenient compare to single. It comes with two cooking units that allow more cooking flexibility. Double ovens are large. It will take more space than a single wall oven. Also, it is costly compare to a single wall oven. Both types of ovens are beneficial. Chose a best one that suites your budget and requirement.

Nowadays, electric wall ovens are more popular and convenient. However, there are a few traditional gas models as well. Both types of wall ovens provide excellent performance.  Electric wall ovens use fans to distribute heat for quick baking and roasting. Many oven manufacturers are now shifted their focus on electric wall ovens. However, some brands are still manufacturing a few models of gas wall ovens.
Gas wall ovens are also convenient. Most professional cooks still prefer gas fuel type. Not much but, there are a few gas oven models for those who still prefer gas wall ovens.

However, there are electric wall ovens come with some advanced benefits. Because electric ovens use fans, it gives a better baking performance than gas ovens. The electric oven will require a 240-volt electric connection.  The gas oven will require natural gas or liquid propane connection and a 120-volt electric connection as well. Gas ovens are more energy-efficient than electric wall ovens.

Size of Wall Oven

The size of the wall ovens is the most necessary thing to consider while buying a wall oven. The space wall oven will need is depends on its size. Most ovens come with 30 inches width for the perfect size. However, there are some 27 inch and 24-inch wall ovens are also available. If you have a small kitchen, then you can have a look at a 27 inch or 24-inch wall oven. The internal capacity of wall ovens varies from 1.5 to 5 cubic feet.

The internal capacity depends on the model and brand of the wall oven. The height of wall ovens will be also different according to the brand and model. Double or combination ovens are large. Some models of wall oven come with adjustment and spacer kits for perfect fitting. In most cases, additional modification is not necessary. The wall oven will fit perfectly in your kitchen space.


Using convection is beneficial for roasting and baking. The manufacturer uses an internal set of the fan to circulate heat all over inside of the oven. Also, convection ovens are hotter and cook faster than regular ovens.  If we compare convection and conventional ovens, then convection ovens cook 25 percent faster. The conventional ovens are 25 to 30 degrees cooler than convection ovens. That is why it takes more time to cook.

According to the US department of energy, convection ovens use 20 percent less energy than regular ovens. Convection ovens are best to cook large items like turkey and meats. You can also use a convection oven as a regular oven. The convection ovens allow you to turn off the convection modes. There are also different types of convection. Convection with a set of the fan is popular nowadays. Let’s check different types of convection.

Our Top Recommendation

Empava Electric Single Wall Oven with 6 Cooking Functions

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Traditional Convection Ovens – The traditional convection ovens are ovens that use a set of the fan to circulate heat around the food. The most brand uses traditional convection in modern ovens. The traditional convection ovens are faster and effective than other types of convection.

True Convection – True convection is also known as European convection. The European convection uses the third heating element with a fan. The fan blows the air in the oven and heating elements. This process redistributes temperature through the oven cavity and results in better cooking. Most of the modern and premium oven comes with true convection.

Twin Convection – The twin convection is similar to European convection. However, in twin convection oven comes with two heating fans. This gives you fast and better cooking. The twin convection is rarely shown in some premium ovens.

Additional Features

  • Self-cleaning 

The self-cleaning feature is a necessary feature for ovens. Many brands offer this feature. The self-cleaning feature will raise the temperature of the oven to 800 degrees. It will turn the rest food particles into ash. A self-cleaning oven comes with a hidden heating element. The self-cleaning process will take a maximum of two hours to complete. However, time does not matter. It is good to use a self-cleaning feature rather than a scrubbing oven by hand.  But do not use this feature frequently. This feature cleans the oven at a high temperature that can damage your oven as well. It is better to use this feature once in three months, depending on the uses.

After a few hours, you can wipe out the ash to completely clean your oven. There are different types of self-cleaning features. Some ovens come with low-end steel racks. If your oven has steel racks, then you have to remove it before self-cleaning. However, some premium ovens offer more convenient self-cleaning. You only need to press the button to start the process without removing racks.

  • Safety lock

The safety lock feature will prevent the oven from accidentally turning on. It will lock the control panel of the oven. If you have a child in your home, then this feature is necessary for you. Children are curious about new things. They can accidentally turn on or change the setting of your oven.

  • Timer

The timer is not necessary but a useful feature for those busy housewives. When we are doing multiple tasks, we forgot to turn off the oven. The timer feature will remind you when the food is ready. This is a safety feature as well. Most of the ovens come with this feature.

  • Delay-Bake

This is also a helpful feature if you are a busy person. With the delay-bake, you can set the time to start and stop cooking. This is a time-saving feature. You can set a time when you go to your office, and your food will be ready when you arrive home.

  • Steam Clean

The steam cleaning feature is also helpful to clean your oven. The self-cleaning feature takes two hours to clean the oven. But with the steam clean feature, you can clean oven within the 30 minutes. However, you have to add pain water so it can create steam inside. It can be a complicated for you. This feature is mostly used in lightly soiled ovens.

  • Removable Rakes

Removable rakes are also a necessary feature for the wall oven. Removable rakes allow you to clean the oven with ease. You can adjust the rakes to cook different sizes of food items. Rakes also should be durable and long-lasting.

  • WiFi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity is not necessary, but there are many benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature can be helpful for busy homeowners. You can link the oven timer to your phone. You can set internal temperature and start pre-heat by using Amazon Alexa and Google home.

Specialty Wall Ovens

Speed & Steam Ovens – The speed ovens are a combination of convection cooking and microwave technology. Speed ovens come with different heating styles such as microwave and convection to cook fast. The speed oven requires 240-volt or 120-volt power consumption. With speed ovens, you can cook lasagna within 20 minutes.
Double Ovens – Double ovens are useful to make different types of items at the same time. The double oven is not a different thing it is like two same ovens on top of each other. Nowadays, double ovens are called combination ovens.
Manufacturers are producing a combination of two different types of oven like a convection oven with a microwave or convection oven with speed and steam ovens. Some brands are producing triple stack ovens that include convection oven, microwave, and a warming drawer.
French Door Ovens – The French door ovens are easy and safe to use. The French door ovens come with a set of cooking features and capabilities. French door ovens open from the center not from the top or on one side. This makes French door ovens different than regular wall ovens.

Brand Reliability

Brand reliability is the most important thing to consider while buying wall ovens. Many brands manufacture high-quality wall ovens. But, you can choose a brand according to its reputation.  You can choose a brand that makes long-lasting and reliable appliances. Check the user reviews of the brand before making the decision. Also, a brand that provides after sales service is recommended. If you have any issues with your oven in the future, then you can contact the company’s customer service to solve the issue. Do not purchase any appliances according to the brand name. Consider about brand’s experience and customer satisfaction ratings.


Viking is an experienced and 40-year-old kitchen appliance brand. Viking is the company that will provide you durable and long-lasting products. The Viking offers both types of wall ovens single and double. The Viking ovens are expensive and premium than others.


The Gaggenau is a subsidiary of BSH Corporation. Gaggenau is a well known and best brand for convection wall ovens. However, it is also an expensive brand. But we highly recommend this brand for convection ovens.


Thermador is popular for its steam ovens with large 30-inch capacity. This large steam oven allows you to cook 14-pound turkey in just 90 minutes. The Thermador also makes other different types of wall ovens. It is an affordable brand.


The Bluestar makes extra-large convection ovens for professional and better results. This is a perfect brand if you are looking to purchase an oven for any restaurant. However, the price of some ovens is higher.

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