How to choose the Best Folding Bike

The world is evolving with every coming day. From the invention of the wheel, man learns a new way of transportation and now here we are. The bike is one of those mother inventions. Back in the 19th century when bikes were discovered, they look relatively simpler. But now we can see tons of mechanical and electrical gadget with different types of gears giving.

Best Folding Bike


Folding Bike Aluminum Frame

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike


Folding Bicycles EuroMin

EuroMini ZiZZO Campo

EuroMini Folding-Bicycles


Dahon Mariner 20 Folding Bicycle

33 x 26 x 12 inches; 33.1 Pounds

Dahon Mariner Folding Bicycle

What are the folding bikes?

You have a less storage space, or you travel a lot on public transport the alternative revolutionary solution is a folding bike. Basically, it is an advance form of the cycle with much lesser size and weight. The best thing is its portability. You can wrap it with your tracking bag quickly. Many of the folding bikes come with electric motors to avoid the hassle of paddling. Electric folding bikes are best for commercial purposes.

As the trend changes due to covid19 different food delivery apps are growing rapidly. For a handful amount, you can use such folding bikes for delivery purposes. The most important factor when choosing a folding bike is its wheel size. The bigger the wheel, the difficult it will be to carry it. Approximately mostly 20inches wheels are used in folding bikes to make them lighter and compact.

Sizes and folding mechanism

When we think about a folding bike, the first thing that comes to our minds is their portability. If a bike is bulky and bigger, then it’s of no use. The wheels and folding mechanism are two factors making the bike portable. The wheel’s structure depends upon the purpose of using a folding bike. If you like to off-road, then you must go for four inches wheels. When you buy a folding bike, choose 700c tyres as they are easy to fold and Compact.

You can easily switch your vehicles if you carry a folding bike. Just wrap it and board on a train. If you want re living in a studio apartment or loft, then you can also hang it on the wall or place it with your shoes near the door.

The folding mechanism involves two factors whether the bike is electric or not and the quality of parts. Fine quality bikes usually use carbon fibre to make them lighter and more robust. A few gear systems are also placed in bikes to improve speed. The more quickly the bike can fold, the handier it will be. Folding bikes comes in one size but with plenty of adjustments. From a child to a mature person, anybody can ride it easily by losing some bolts.


Before buying a folding bike, you must know certain things like,

Frame size

The stability and durability of any bike depend upon its frame. Most of the frames made of titanium and carbon fibre. A folding bike must be portable and easy to carry where you want. The main factor in making anything portable is its compact size. The lesser, the easier it will be to carry.

Tire size

The three main factors of folding bikes which can’t be folded are its wheels, chain sprockets and seat. So, make sure to choose folding bikes with smaller wheel sizes depending upon your needs. Usually, folding bikes use bigger wheels for smooth rides and shorter wheels for off-roading and mountain rides.


Suspension of the bike depends upon its balance and centre of gravity. Usually, there is no shock system in folding bikes, but wheels play a vital role in suspension improvement.

Folding method

Most of the companies making folding bikes use three methods of folding.

  • Partial folding
  • Triangular folding
  • Breakaway

The major drawback of the fully breakaway mechanism is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Our Top Recommendation

Incredibly versatility and value, the Mu D9 is, without doubt, a DAHON celebrity.

A champion when it comes to long weekend rides through Tuscany or Vermont and a head-turner across Berlin and New York, the Mu D8 easily qualifies for our DAHON Hall of Fame.

  • Package Dimensions : 34 x 26 x 12 inches; 32 Pounds

Electric gadgets in folding bikes

Today everything we see is automated, and we cannot escape from it. An up-gradation from old school cycle to a folding bike and now we see E-bikes which can also fold. The different gadgets on electric folding bikes make the distances simpler now you don’t have to reach office in sweat. Just put your gear on and just triggered the bike and you’re in the office.

Things you need to see in an E-Folding bike

  • Electronic Accelerometer
  • RPM Meter
  • Battery Indication
  • Light control system
  • If you’re cycling lover and have a parking issue, then electric folding bikes are more excellent options to look for. There are a lot of conversion kits available on Amazon that can transform a standard bike into an electric bike.

Speed limitation is an issue, but when you compare its motorcycles. But in comparison to bikes, they are way faster.

Quality comes first

If you’re buying something for daily use, then you must need something rigid like a rock and comfortable like a pillow. Keeping in mind, the comfort and durability folding bikes are made from titanium and carbon fibre. Most of the folding bikes come with some luggage capacity features and tubeless muffin tires. The frame quality is one of the quite convincing features when you buy a bike. From the handlebar to multi-gear structure, everything can be folded and moulded at 180°.

Availability of spare parts

Maintenance is the most crucial part when we buy any vehicle. Thanks to amazon now we find any spare part for any vehicle. Folding bikes are not so common, and only a few companies offer their spare parts. So before buying any folding bike one should check about what spare kits comes with the package.

Cleaning tips

As we all know, folding bikes have a lot of folding and twisting mechanism. Your little carelessness can ruin or at least create problems in folding. It’s not like a normal bike which requires maintenance one or two months later constant lubrication of folding joints and cleaning is required. Dust and water can do rusting on wheel rims. The best way to avoid rusting is to apply a lubricant on it, which makes it water-splashing. Never park your folding bike in open shades as direct sunlight directly affects wheels and carbon fibre life.

Make sure to carry a bike cover with you.

  • If your bike has gears, try to avoid over lubrication, as it makes your chain slippery.
  • Try to use steel wool to clean your folding bike.
  • Always try to use warm soapy water instead of using direct water pressure.
  • Make sure no water left between wheels spokes as it causes rusting.
  • The best way is to apply car wax in the end to give your folding bike a shiny look.

Price Ranges

It’s often saying, the more you spend, the more you get, but it’s not true in all cases, especially while selecting a folding bike. Usual prices of folding bikes start from $150 and go till $5000 Some of the most famous companies are tern, Aventon, DAHON, Schwinn, ZIZZO and many more. Companies which offer Aluminum frame have cheaper to those with a titanium frame.

If you want a bike which you use on a routine basis, you must go for a cheaper one. But if you’re going to compete in any competition or have some bigger goals then buy a fully-featured one.


The electric bikes are durable and compact to deliver the best riding experience for the users. However, it’s essential to buy the vehicle with a suitable warranty option. If you are purchasing the bike from a store then, you can get the complete and detailed description of the bike. On the other hand, in online purchase, the warranty option is beneficial to consider in case of any damage while shipping. However, the frame of the bike has one year of warranty while the other parts come with 1 to 3 years of warranty to serve you with the best.

Final words

The folding bikes have changed history with its revolutionary effects on the life of people. Moreover, it has a lot of benefits to serve you with the best option for transportation. Thus, the electrical version of these bikes is another exciting and incredible way to travel. You can choose the suitable option for you for travelling with ease. Now, transportation has never been a mess because you have the best foldable bikes for you. Simply start your bike and move on without worrying about anything else.

Best Sellers in Folding Bikes

1.Dahon Dream D6 Folding Bike,20” Steel Frame

The DAHON Dream D6 20″ 6-Speed folding bike is a wonderful addition to the range of successful DAHON bikes on the market. Upon folding, it becomes extremely compact and can be easily stored in the smallest of spaces. This also makes it easier to take it to any place.

2.unYOUsual U Transformer 20″ Folding City Bike Bicycle

20 – inch folding bicycle designed for commuting and exercising. Shimano 6 speed shifter and derailleur. semi-alloy front and rear V-brake. WANDA 20″ x 1.75 tires. Quick removable front handle stem. with alloy silver color cap & PVC black bell.

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