Mitre Saw Buying Guide

Are you the person who has just begun to think ways to kill time and increase productivity throughout the day? Or you might have just stumbled upon the idea of trying a new thing in your workshop for a change? This guide is going to provide you with enough information on how to choose a proper Compound Miter Saw, or Sliding Compound Miter Saw so that it leaves you with nothing but good days.

To choose a Miter saw that best suits what you require; remodeling a piece of furniture, creating a new article out of wood, or for the purpose of do-it-yourself projects. Few important points are enough to provide you with sufficient information for a wise selection.

Top 3 Best miter saw


Metabo Compound Miter Saw

10-Inch, Single Bevel, 15-Amp Motor

Metabo Compound Miter Saw


DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw

12-inch, carbide blade, 1 blade wrench

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw


Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw

15 Amp Corded 10 Inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw

Bosch Compact Miter Saw

What is a Miter saw?

A miter saw is a tool that lets you cut into various wood objects with cross cuts as well as miter cuts. A saw is a primary tool in your workshop if you happen to be passionate about creating projects or furniture.

However, a basic miter saw cannot promise a bevel cut, an angled cut which lets put a detailed work into a plank of wood with a much detailed look around the corners of the wood, typically a slightly curved ends. If you don’t mind a saw with nothing more than basic features and a clean-cut, the basic miter saw is the right choice for your workshop. It offers pinpoint accuracy and has proved to be a budget-friendly tool.

What is a Compound Miter Saw?

A compound miter saw has the bevel-cut feature. It cuts the wood with a more detailed and fancy look. Its movable blade moves in either the right or left direction to make the cuts as you want. The movable sharp blades give a compound cut.

compound miter saw

However, the compound miter saw comes with two options; single-bevel and dual-bevel. To have a compound miter saw that cuts into both the directions at the same time, you need a dual-bevel featured saw which lets work at ease without having to change the saw’s position every now and again for customized cuts. The single-bevel feature doesn’t let you do it this easy. For people who are particular and passionate about going for a new design, the dual-bevel miter saw is the right thing for you.

What is a Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

A sliding compound miter saw possesses the word sliding for a reason. This type of miter saw has all the features of the compound miter saw with an extra bonus- a sliding arm. The sliding arm lets you cut deeper into thick planks of wood. Denser objects are cut easily with the help of a sliding arm. However, with ease comes great expense. Not a budget-friendly tool.

sliding compound miter saw parts

The difference between sliding and non-sliding compound miter saw – which one to choose?

If you’re the person who remains in the workshop for a full-time deal, you would have thought about making a choice between sliding and non-sliding saw by now. To choose the right one for you, the sliding saw, as mentioned above, lets you cut into thicker objects. Let me put that into figures for you. With a non-sliding saw having a blade of 10-inches and a wood plank which measures 6-inches in width, you can easily do your job without having to worry. Investing into an even bigger blade can help you cut into 8-inch wide plank.

If we talk about a sliding compound miter saw, it enables you to cut a 12-inch plank with the same 10-inch blade. This is the main difference between a sliding and non-sliding saw. If you happen to work with bigger projects, sliding-arm is the right choice for you due to the fact a non-sliding saw will have to be repositioned every now and again for bigger or smaller planks by changing into blades of sizes which suit you best. This can be a hard task.

How powerful should the motors be?

The motor is what drives the saw. The amps of a motor decide what it can cut into and what it can’t. People who occasionally create small or light projects are good with a 10-12Amp motor. Simultaneously, those who work for bigger projects prefer motors to be among the powerful ones. Moreover, battery-powered motors make the miter saw comparatively lightweight and suitable for small to medium projects. Battery-powered motors also enable a person to carry the saw from one place to another due to being lightweight.

Which blade to choose for different cuts?

For cutting into a thicker and wider plank of wood, you need to have a blade of up to 12-inch diameter. A large blade enables large cross-cut. If you work with bigger projects, a large saw blade should be considered. Whereas, if you insist on a much detailed, bevel-cut finish, you need to study the saw blade based on its teeth-per-inch TPI. The greater the TPI is, the more finished look it gives. For small projects, a miter saw blade of 8-inch can do great.

All about angles

Be it a cross-cut or a bevel-cut, the angles that the wood is cut into will be around 45-50 degrees. The compound miter saw can cut about 48 degrees while the dual miter can go for a 50-degree angle for the right-hand direction and 62-degree for the left. It all depends upon the width and length of the wood and the expected outcome.

When talking about angles, another factor turns in- the detent. It is a factor that contributes to a clean, accurate angle when the saw is released/stopped for another turn. Detent prevents any unwanted contribution of angle that might ruin your project. The detent angles can be from the smallest angle of 22.5 to 45-90 degrees.

The perfect cut

In order to make a perfect cut that is free from all sorts of errors, a laser beam feature has been introduced. The laser beam lets you keep track of the cutting going on, where to stop, and where to start. However, it’s not always an accurate option. The laser beam can sometimes misguide you due to the fact that it’s not directly attached to the miter saw.

To eliminate an occasional improper cut, LED-equipped miter saw are available in the market to save your day. The LED feature ensures a precise cut, leaving you with nothing but bliss.

What do you mean by a fence in the miter saw?

Miter saw are equipped with a fence that keeps the object firmly in place while you cut into it. If the fence isn’t considered properly, some serious incident can happen with the saw blade cutting into an object which moves every now and again. If you work with objects of greater heights, you should consider having a fence of a height that matches your need. Fences can come in several heights.

What sawdust can do to you?

Sawdust can be lethal to your lungs in the longer run. To avoid any unpleasant experience, be it for a longer run or the shorter, dust extractor can be your savior. Also, a dust extractor helps you work in a clean environment if you have an indoor workshop. Moreover, the sawdust, if scattered all around the floor, can make you trip. You don’t want any injuries. Hence, considering a dust extractor for your miter saw is the right option.

Choosing the perfect Miter Saw

If you have made your way until the end of this article, you have a pretty decent idea of your requirements and what sort of outcome you expect. These two questions play the most important part when it comes to investing in any tool, be it as technical as a Miter Saw or as easy as a candy- the taste you expect Vs. The flavor you get. This phase is likely to be crucial of all.

After passing the crucial phase, congratulations! You’re doing just fine. Now, make your way to the second phase, which involves a proper consideration of all the factors mentioned. By now, you know what you want. Let me guide you a little more.

The fact that people who work with a table saw, the one fixed with the table might not make sense out of the Miter Saw. This is because they find working with table-saw work for bigger projects is far easier than researching and investing in a Miter saw of advanced versions. However, every mind works in a different way. Some find it easy to work with table-saw, while others prefer Miter Saw.

For those who go for a Miter Saw, it is important to link the blade size with how big the wood plank is, plus what you require. The comparison of sliding compound miter saw vs. the non-sliding compound miter saw entirely depends upon the plank’s width and length, as mentioned in the article. Those who go for a plank larger than 8-inch prefer a sliding-arm miter saw. At the same time, those working for smaller projects are happy with the non-sliding. It’s all about what YOU need.

Another factor to consider is the portability ratio. Sliding-arm saw requires more space. Space isn’t the only factor that comes in the way; the weight should also be considered. Sliding-arm saw are heavy to carry from one place to another. If you don’t move your saw from your workplace bench, the non-sliding saw is the best for you.

With keeping everything in mind, you’re now all set to venture out in search of Miter Saw, its basic as well as the advanced versions. Not only the features but the price tag is also an important factor to think about. The budget-friendly saw can again come with pretty decent features. On the other hand, even the pricey ones can fail to provide you with the outcome you want. It’s about how wisely you select what’s best for you.

Safety guide

You don’t want to use a miter saw without knowing the complete safety guide before you start with the deadly tool. Yes, it can be fatal if not given its due attention.

The first thing to consider while working with a saw is the proper gear. Always wear a mask regardless of the dust extractor being installed. You don’t want to affect your lungs in any way.

Secondly, always get rid of any jewelry you’re wearing before getting started with the saw. Lose a piece of jewelry might get stuck with the saw, and you can imagine the consequences.

Third; the fence. Make sure the fence is always doing its job by keeping the object in place when you cut into it. Else the object might defy the gravity by making its way into the air and back. This can lead to a serious situation.

Fourth and the most important, or should I say last but not the least? Yes, we are talking about the saw blade brakes. The brakes should make the saw blade stop in a heartbeat when you release the trigger. If not, you can either end up with a messed up project that you worked with all your sweat and blood. Or the worse, you can end up in a hospital with pretty bad wounds.

Considering all four factors, using a miter saw can be a fun and highly vital tool for your projects. Once you get a grip on it, you won’t stop with your DIY projects. Good luck!

Best Mitre Saw

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