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Every housewife and every technology enthusiast wishes to incorporate the best appliances even in the kitchen. The induction cooktop is definitely one of the most popular appliances of the moment. Basically, an electric hob can successfully replace a cooker and can also have a much more modern look, so you can easily complete the modern style of a kitchen with an electric hob. In fact, the latest generation hobs can offer you the opportunity to fully customize them and restore your cooking experience, while a classic cooker will require more attention.

The Best Induction Cooktop


Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop

Dual heat settings, One Size, Black


24 Inch Electric Cooktop

Electric Cooktop Induction Stove

Smoothtop with 4 Booster Burners


36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove

Induction Cooktop with 5 Power

What is an Induction Cooktop

Unlike a conventional cooktop, the induction hob works in the electromagnetic field, which means that during the positioning of the cooking vessel on it, the hob will detect its presence, and the electricity based on which it works will be transmitted to the induction zone and implicitly , to the “heating zone” itself. Thus, the dedicated portion will be heated to the desired temperature and the food will be prepared as you like it.

Actually, another benefit of the induction cooktop, especially the modern and high-performing ones, is the fact that they can even be programmed. Thus, if you know all the data of the recipe, you can determine the temperature and cooking time of a dish with precision, so that the food is ready without having to be permanently next to the saucepan.

However, the induction hob also comes with a disadvantage, because it does not act in the presence of any surface. Induction hobs work only in contact with metal surfaces, so that cooking in aluminum, copper, etc. Dishes will be impossible. Thus, it may be necessary to change your entire cooking tools if you are switching for the first time from a classic hob or from a cooker to an electric cooktop.

Why choose an Induction Cooktop

The main reason why you should focus on choosing the best electric hob is related to the benefits it can offer. First of all, the design is very chic and reliable and can help redefine the aesthetics of your kitchen. Moreover, the hobs are extremely intelligent, so they offer a much greater safety for the entire cooking process.

The cooking process can be much simpler and faster, given the ability to control the temperature with extremely high precision. In addition, the induction cooktop is heated only near the heating zones, and the heating is uniform, which means that there is no risk of injury by touching the edges and the food will cook in a uniform way given the constant variation of temperature.

The best induction cooktop is obviously the one which manages to fully satisfy your needs and requirements. Thus, you must be prepared to invest from a few hundred lei to a few thousand lei. It is also advisable to think overall, how far you want to take your duties as a housewife and the types of dishes you will cook in order to determine the variety of characteristics that the hob should have.

best induction cooktop


One of the most important functions while choosing the induction cooktop is power. The best induction cooktop obviously has a greater power, which will allow you to cook any dish, regardless of its origin and challenges, in the shortest possible time.

The best inductionc ooktop has the most complex functions. You can opt for a cooktop with time sensors, temperature sensors, child lock mechanism, timekeeper, etc. Such a hob can really help you customize your cooking experience with minimal effort.


If you can easily burn yourself while using a cooker or a conventional cooktop , the risk is basically non-existent with an electric hob. The induction cooktops is extremely safe as you can have full control over the working temperature and food, which means that there will be no situations in which you or any family member will burn due to the fire. What is more, induction cooktops can be equipped with an integrated special mechanism with the function for children, meant to prevent a series of unwanted incidents.

Energy consumption

Many people avoid electric appliances due to their high consumption. Thus, you must keep in mind that a hob with higher power and used more frequently will obviously have a higher consumption. The best Induction Cooktop is the one which has high power and low energy consumption.

Ease of installation

Some Induction Cooktop can be more complex than others in terms of installation after they are purchased. The best electric Cooktop comes with a clear presentation of how to install it, as well as a guide that will help you learn to operate it properly. You can ask the supplier to guide you or to provide you with additional information regarding the installation of the Cooktop.

Service and warranty

An Induction Cooktop can really be an investment for the future if you choose the best one and if you learn to use it to its true potential. It is a relatively sensitive household appliance, so its maintenance must be appropriate. That is why the best electric hob generally comes from a well-known and recognized supplier on the home appliances market.

Usually, reputable manufacturers use quality technology and accessories to build a hob, so it will be more durable and resilient. However, it is recommended to choose a induction cooktop that can benefit from a long-term guarantee, in order to avoid the inconveniences that may occur during the adaptation period and / or in case there are minimal chances that the product has dysfunctions from the production phase. Thus, the best Induction Cooktop has a warranty period of at least 24 months or more, even with the possibility to extend the period up to 3 or even 5 years.

Induction Cooktop - Recommended Models

As we aim to recommend quality products, we have analyzed the current offers from several online stores, the reviews and experience of buyers, based on the tips presented on this page and taking into account a good quality-price ratio. Based on these criteria, here are our recommendations:

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