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Are you looking for an iron that will leave your clothes impeccable, without wrinkles? The market provides us with numerous irons which help us keep our clothes clean and beautiful for a long time, and the right decision could easily turn into a real challenge. There are conventional irons, similar to those used by our grandparents, while steam iron station are the best choice today.

Ironing is a time-consuming activity, and a good ironing device can greatly streamline the process. In addition, there are a lot of delicate materials that are difficult to iron – they are either too thick and it is difficult to remove creases, or they are too delicate and you risk burning or damaging them.

The steam iron station is one of the most inspired choices you could make to reduce the time allocated to the maintenance and sanitation of clothes, regardless of the type of material. Therefore, we coare here to support you with recommendations on how to choose a modern steam iron station.

3 Best Steam Irons Station


steam iron station

Rowenta Steam Iron Station

High Power Vertical Steam Output


rowenta steam iron station

Rowenta Steam Iron Station

Stainless Steel Soleplate, 400-Hole


Professional Ironing System

Professional Ironing System

35 PSI, 12-Gauge Heavy-Duty Wiring

Steam iron station vs. Iron

Did you know that an steam iron station is much more efficient than a conventional iron? At first sight, the only visible difference seems to be the format, as the steam iron station has a dedicated support to position it.

The performance of a steam iron station is ten times higher, as it has several ironing functions compatible with even the most demanding fabrics. Did you know that with an steam iron you can prevent the deterioration of your favorite clothes, the delicate ones and reduce the time to successfully complete the ironing process?

How to choose the best steam iron station

The best iron steam iron station can save you the money and time you often spend at a specialized textile care center and offers you the possibility to take care of all your clothing items, in a short period of time, like a true professional.

But do you know how to choose the steam iron station that suits you best? Often the brand or the high price does not justify such a choice. Your choice must be mainly based on your personal needs. We have also prepared several suggestions to consider when choosing the best steam iron station, even if you don’t have experience in this field.


The format of the soleplate and the material from which it is designed are two very important aspects. For example, if the soleplate is made of a material that heats up too quickly and you can’t perfectly associate temperature with the needs of a fabric, there is a risk to deteriorate your favorite clothes.

At the same time, if the steam iron station heats up more slowly, and the soleplate does not allow a fast and uniform temperature distribution, there is a risk to allocate more time than necessary to ironing. Thus, it is very important to know what material the iron soleplate is made of. Here are some of the main materials used and their characteristics:

  • Stainless steel soleplate

A stainless steel soleplate has low conductivity, which means that the heating time may be longer or that the heating will not be 100% uniform. However, an iron with a stainless steel soleplate will be much more resistant to scratches or corrosion. In general, steam iron station with stainless steel soleplates have a much lower price.

  • Ceramic soleplate 

The soleplate of such an iron will heat up more evenly and faster, and the ceramic layer will contribute to maintaining the fabrics for a longer time. Although it is a slightly more expensive choice, a steam iron station whose iron is equipped with a ceramic soleplate is ideal for delicate fabrics (silk, cotton, etc.) and for people who have many household chores to complete. This type of iron has the best adherence and the best resistance to scratches, shocks, and the soleplate does not deform.

  • Aluminum soleplate

Aluminum soleplates can be just as economical as stainless steel soleplates. However, the soleplate of these irons is not as resistant, and the damage can be irreversible. An iron with the aluminum soleplate heats up more easily and can halve the ironing time, but it can be a problem for fabrics when the sole begins to change shape.

  • Steel soleplates

The devices with a steel soleplate can be another inspired choice in terms of value for money. They have an increased adhesion on any type of fabric, and maintenance is very easy. The soleplate is very resistant in the long run, but it tends to get dirty easily, which means that you will have to pay more attention to sanitization after each use, in order to prevent the transfer and printing of stains on fabrics.


Power is a criterion that generally defines the effectiveness of an electronic or household appliance. The steam iron station is no exception. No doubt you already know that a higher power means a higher efficiency, and the higher the power of the steam iron station, the more evenly, faster the heat will be distributed, and the simpler the ironing process will be. The most powerful steam irons have a power between 2400 W and 2700 W. So, if you want a better steam iron, it is worth investing in a higher power steam irons station.

Steam flow

This is another criterion that determines how efficient the steam iron station will be. Like the power of the steam iron, the higher the steam flow, the better the efficiency of the steam iron, especially when it comes to demanding fabrics and creases, difficult to straighten.

Even if it may require a slightly larger investment, opt for a steam iron with a steam flow of over 250 g. Such a steam iron station significantly reduces the ironing time, but if your fabrics are not so demanding you can also choose an average value of 150-200 g.

Water tank capacity

If every ironing session seems endless, a larger capacity water tank is exactly what you need. The higher the capacity, the longer the period or number of uses. The positioning of the tank can also be an advantage, especially if you opt for a steam iron  station with a detachable tank that will allow easier filling.

Anti-limescale function

Did you know that the anti-limescale function can be a way to ensure the durability of the steam iron, as well as the quality of your fabrics? This function prevents the accumulation of minerals inside the steam iron and on its soleplate, which means that you will no longer stain / burn your clothes as it happens in most cases with conventional ironing machines or those that do not have this function. The anti-limescale function offers you the comfort of using any type of water, without extra investments and without the need to use filtered, demineralized water, etc. or special tablets for regular cleaning.

In conclusion, the purchase of a steam iron station is a smart choice and an appropriate investment for your personal style and for the well-being of your home. Even if you have discovered a model which attracts your attention through its unique design or famous brand, do not forget that the choice of the best steam iron station depends on several criteria that must be analyzed separately and compared in relation to your needs. We hope this material has helped you find out which steam iron suits you best!

Best steam iron station

As we aim to recommend quality products, we have analyzed the current offers from several online stores, the reviews and experience of buyers, based on the tips presented on this page and taking into account a good quality-price ratio. Based on these criteria, here are our recommendations:

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