Mig Welder Buyers Guide

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welder is used to melt and join metals. There are various kinds of welder available in the market. The variations are based on two aspects: technical and utility. The main factor in buying a welder is its simplicity of usage. While buying the user must consider his utility i.e. what is his requirement.

According to usage, there are various kinds of welder in the market. One must not always go for the cheap welder. Quality, duty cycle, power usage, safety, portability, etc must be considered while buying a best-suited MIG welder.

Top 3 Best Mig Welders


sungold mig welder

Voltage: 110V/60HZ single phase



Forney Easy Mig Welder 140 MP

140 MP, Multi-Process Welder

Forney Easy Weld


Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

Hobart - 500553, 10 MVP, Small

Hobart MIG Welder

We can divide the considerations while buying a MIG welder in two factors:

Technical Considerations

a. Electric Power Consumption

Before buying a welder the user must measure the power facilities of his house or workshop. According to that, he must buy a welder. Typically a welder works on 220V or 110V. But some may work on dual voltage. For heavy-duty, one must choose a higher voltage welder. For thicker metal one may go for low voltage. But it is always better to buy multi-voltage options. Then the user may change it according to his needs.

b. Overheat Security

Some welder manufacturer provides the options to regulate the machine automatically when it overheats. It provides extra security for the users.

c. Durability

Each machine has a life cycle. The price of the welder depends upon such considerations also. Based on the types of work the user may select his machine.

d. Performance

Based on the intensity of work one must select his welder. For intensified works in a short duration, one must select a higher duty cycle welder.

e. Amp Requirement

Depending on the thickness of the metal Amp is decided. The amp of the welder ranges from 90 amp to 180 amps. There is a number of the online calculator by which one may select an appropriate welder for himself.

Utility Considerations

Apart from technical considerations, there are lots of consumer-level considerations. The best-suited welder often sometimes may not be too costly but the user may be comfortable with that. The utility considerations while buying a welder are as follow:

Portability: Maximum users go for the portable MIG welder. Most of the time these types of welders are not heavy but portable heavy welder machines are also available. But one must consider the lifting and accommodation of the welder while working and carrying.

Maintenance and Parts: Another important part of the welder is its maintenance. It is very important to look for brands that provide a wide range of part availability. After-sale service sometimes dictates the price also. Users must do the balance between the price and the service.

Price and Warranty: Users must ensure buying products with a proper warranty. Product with a warranty ensures the brand value and their commitment. MIG welder can be of many kinds. Selecting proper welder for the perfect job is a hectic job. But considering the warranty issue, one can easily select the perfect one.

Efficient Productivity: Efficient productivity is a must. An efficient welder can save time and chips. Efficient management is also a prime factor.

Simplicity: The simple functionality of the welder is another factor. The more simplicity in functions the more is the price. We must cut balance in between them.

Smooth Function: One must select the machine with smooth functionality. A smooth machine can aid the users to make things perfect. Smooth functions involve auto-feed of the cartridges.

Efficiency: Welder efficiency can be determined by the reusability after the use. One must ensure the proper efficiency of the product before buying it. Quick reuse means more productivity. The user can have better output from the product with limited time.

Versatility: MIG welder is a versatile equipment in terms of usage and productivity. It is suitable for varying kinds of metals and alloys. Industries can employ MIG welder in their protection with improved efficiency and management. Stainless steel, magnesium, nickel, copper, etc can be joined and melted with a MIG welder.

Our Top Recommendation

weldpro 200 amp inverter

Since we are talking about the best mig welders, here is our top recommendation that has all the perfect features.


We may have different types of the welder with the best quality but after purchasing its maintenance is a big factor. After purchasing it one must consider the following points:

Overall Cleanliness of the Welder: As per the manufacturers’ guidelines, users must clean the machine. Users must ensure the future use of the equipment.

Regular Maintenance of the Equipment: Users must ensure proper and regular servicing if the equipment from the authorized service provider. Some manufacturers offer weekly, monthly even yearly subscription of maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures the proper running of the equipment and increases productivity.

Replace Worn-out Parts: The durability of the equipment can be increased by replacing the worn-out parts regularly. Parts which are subjected to change periodically are wire feeder and brushes. This depends upon the usage of the equipment. Changing of liner ensures the smooth running of the machine.

Replacement of Torch: Torches may have worn over the period usage of the welder. It must be replaced periodically. Many companies provide torches. One must consider torches while buying MIG welders.

Peripheral Equipment

Certain peripheral equipment which can be bought with the MIG welder is as follows:

1. Gas Regulator: The gas regulator can be of the full-sized bottle, single gauge, or twin gauge. Single gauge measures the pressure remaining in the bottle. The twin gauge measures the flow rate. Twin gauge is a little expensive than the twin gauge but it always better to buy the twin gauge.

2. Safety Equipment: Welder produces very hot melted metal. It also produces UV light. UV light is very dangerous to the health of the users. Users must purchase Cotton overalls and welding gauntlets with the welder to ensure safety.

3. Welding Mask: A normal mask is not efficient for professional welders. One must use proper musk which covers the whole head must be used. Therefore users are recommended to buy masks with the welder. Again auto-darkening helmets are also very useful. This type of helmet also enables the user to properly position the arc. Auto-darkening helmets are costly. But it is a must for professional use of MIG welders.

4. Torch: The torch is an essential part of the welder. Sometimes it comes with the welder. But there are certain things to consider. Torches may range from low prices to higher prices.

Features in the Expensive Welders

There are certain features which can be found in the expensive MIG welders are as follows:

1. Controllers: Nonprofessional welders may need to control the power and the wire speed. In that case, they need a controller that can serve both the purposes. Expensive Brands provide both controls with the welder.

2. Spot Timer: Spot timer is very essential for a welding machine. It regulates the power of the machine. It is also used for “Spot Welding”.

3. Synergic and Inverter MIGs: Synergic and inverter MIGs provide more stable and professional welding. They are above the price range of normal welders.

4. Inverter Technology: Now-a-days inverter type MIG welders are becoming very popular. They can be very expensive. Users prefer to use these types of welders to save the energy and also twin control makes them more attractive.

Recommended Welder Brands

There are few recommendations for buying the welder in economical and safety point of view. These are:

1. High-End Welders

a. The Winner: Hobart Ironman 230 MIG Welder

The Hobart Ironman 230 MIG Welder is one of the best models in the market. One can buy it and fulfill all need for welding with appropriate safety equipment. The machine works in 30 to 250 amps of pure power. It is a heavy-duty machine..

b. Millermatic MIG/Flux Core 120V Welder

c. Hobart Handler 500554001 190 With SpoolRunner

2. Mid-Range Welders

Lincoln Electric MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC

3. Low Budget Welders

Forney 309 140-Amp MIG Welder


MIG welder is a very essential equipment not only in industries but also in households. One must consider the above-mentioned considerations before purchasing the welder machine. Industries must ensure proper safety measures purchase with the main equipment to ensure the safety of the employers. Maintenance and regular servicing is another important aspect. One must buy a MIG welder with warranty and Brand service.

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